1-on-1 Online Training

1-on-1 Online Training

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Professional training has never been more accessible than with 1-on-1 Online Training. Get matched today with your online trainer and improve your skills, gain confidence, and stay motivated alongside your trainer dedicated to helping you win on and off the playing field. 

Online Training is for the young baller who is taking their game to the next level, or for the kids who just found love in sport. Grab your deck, a ball, and prepare to work hard and have fun at-home with your trainer today! 

Training Times: You create your own schedule

Location: Sessions will be held over Zoom so just make sure to have an adequate indoor or outdoor space

Age: All ages

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    Why our decks?


    We like to keep it simple. There isn't a need for all the latest and greatest expensive training aids. All you need is a deck, dedication, and an open space.


    Practicing the sport you love shouldn't be boring... Shuffle your deck for endless card combinations to keep training fun and refreshing!


    Elevate your game with cards backed by professional athletes. No more wasting your time on skills that don't translate to in game scenarios.


    Time for a quick demonstration before you try it for yourself. Each card comes with a custom avatar for those visual learners out there - visualize yourself doing the skill, practice the movements, then master it!

    Close-up of HoopDeck basketball training cards visual diagram.
    Close up image of detailed drill breakdown on KickDeck training cards.
    Detailed Breakdown

    Listen up, your coach has something to say! A step-by-step walkthrough that breaks down each card into bite-sized steps. Take it one step at a time to master the drill and begin using it on the playing field!

    Track Your Progress

    Hold yourself accountable and set a goal for your training sessions. How are you supposed to know if you’re getting better if you aren’t tracking your progress? The bottom right corner of our cards have you covered!

    Close-up image of how you can track your progress using KickDeck ABC training cards.

    It's bigger than sport...

    Our mission is to engage and inspire children and youth through sport - igniting the athlete in all of us.

    Learn About Our Mission

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Misty Tudor

    We wanted to express how impressed we were with the organization, the quality and the effectiveness of this program. Coach Skylar was exemplary in his delivery of the programming. He balanced being professional with having some fun with the kids and highlighting the hard work they were putting in.

    The information the program provides is very beneficial to kids as they begin their soccer journeys. Given the extremely challenging times we continue to face, the kids need engagement in many forms. So thank you very much for investing your time, effort and passion into this endeavour. Your love for the game is evident.

    Oscar Iskandar
    Fun & very effective training

    Train with coach Skylar with KickDeck card is a new experience to me. It’s unique! It’s not only focusing on ballmastery, juggling, technique and fitness but also reflexes and awareness.

    I already train with the kickdeck for more than a year, at home but zoom session with coach Skylar using KickDeck is a totally new level!

    I never thought i got to train with coach Skylar since I’m 15,000 km away. Always follow and adore his works & passion to develop young footballer like me.

    Looking forward to next session!

    Love from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Sean Campbell
    A hit and a bargain!

    Skylar does a great job with the live sessions. I've seen a real improvement in several youth I coach that is directly from the work they do with Skylar online. He's very committed to making sure youth have the tools and guidance they need to succeed!