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HoopDeck is your personal basketball trainer in a deck of cards. Created for players ages 8+ looking to put in the extra work while no one is watching. The deck includes 52 unique basketball drills separated into 4 categories - shooting, ball handling, lower body strength, and upper body strength. With 13 cards in each category, arranged easy to difficult, you can be sure that training with HoopDeck will take your game to the next level!

Dedicated trainees can expect to see an improvement in ball handling, touch around the hoop, shooting ability, fitness & agility, and confidence that will translate to the court!

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Why our decks?


We like to keep it simple. There isn't a need for all the latest and greatest expensive training aids. All you need is a deck, dedication, and an open space.


Practicing the sport you love shouldn't be boring... Shuffle your deck for endless card combinations to keep training fun and refreshing!


Elevate your game with cards backed by professional athletes. No more wasting your time on skills that don't translate to in game scenarios.


Time for a quick demonstration before you try it for yourself. Each card comes with a custom avatar for those visual learners out there - visualize yourself doing the skill, practice the movements, then master it!

Close-up of HoopDeck basketball training cards visual diagram.
Close up image of detailed drill breakdown on KickDeck training cards.
Detailed Breakdown

Listen up, your coach has something to say! A step-by-step walkthrough that breaks down each card into bite-sized steps. Take it one step at a time to master the drill and begin using it on the playing field!

Track Your Progress

Hold yourself accountable and set a goal for your training sessions. How are you supposed to know if you’re getting better if you aren’t tracking your progress? The bottom right corner of our cards have you covered!

Close-up image of how you can track your progress using KickDeck ABC training cards.

It's bigger than sport...

Our mission is to engage and inspire children and youth through sport - igniting the athlete in all of us.

Learn About Our Mission

Customer Reviews

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Davis Cordoba


Matthew Cronin
Best training aid

Tremendous aid for kids. I've seen this company work with hundreds of youth and absolutely recommend them for you recreation AND elite training needs.

Jadon Cohee

As someone whose a professional basketball player, I strongly strongly reccomend using these cards to teach your daughter or son or any youth club teams. The visuals for kids on these cards really change the game. I have found it makes them much more attentive and engaged. I would recommend this deck of cards to anyone who has a child in their life in some way who enjoys basketball!!!

Chey Gannon
Thank you!

I am an elementary school teacher and not confident when it comes to basketball. This deck supported me in my lesson planning and provided students with fundamental movement skills to move them forward in their own physical literacy journeys!