Why KickDeck?


Do you want a competitive advantage over your opponents but don't know how to train on your own? Do you need a personal soccer trainer but can't afford one? Are you tired of the same old online soccer drills that require a bunch of equipment? Don't worry, KickDeck has you covered!

KickDeck is your personal soccer trainer in a deck of cards. We inspire young, passionate athletes by providing an unlimited amount of soccer specific workouts to improve on technique, juggling, strength and core (13 cards each category).

KickDeck assists young players in achieving their greatest potential through a  fun, developmental and convenient way to train.


Shuffle cards to create thousands of different workouts in order to keep each workout fresh, challenging and fun.


Every workout will push you to compete against yourself with a personal best system that allows you to record and track your progression every time you improve.


The only thing that is required to complete every workout is a soccer ball. Every workout can be completed on a field, in the gym or in your house in a very small area. Each card is explained simply through instruction and illustrations.


Young athletes can practice reading, spelling, counting, and physical literacy all while getting in an intense and quality training session.

Grab your deck now and take your first steps in becoming a more complete soccer player!