We're happy to be able to offer clubs and teams alike exclusive pricing so that their athletes get the most out of their season, and achieve their goals in sport!

Looking to give your athletes a deck with your other team swag upon registration? How about an awesome year end gift that will have them coming back next season miles ahead of where they left off? Whatever the reason may be, we've got your covered with some exclusive wholesale pricing.

10% Off

Have a team that is looking to get their hand on some of our training decks? This is the perfect package to get your athletes introduced to our decks and start developing their skill-set at home.

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Looking to buy some decks for an upcoming camp to include with your registration fees? Our decks are the perfect gift to reward your hardworking camp attendees!

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Let's improve your club as a whole so that you can have bragging rights in your city. With 50+ decks you can equip all your teams with the tools to come to practice ready to compete.

Wholesale for retailers

Help us get our decks to athletes across the country! If you are interested in getting UVU Training decks into your retail location drop us an email and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can!

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