This is UVU Training

UVU Training is all about motivating yourself to become your best version of YOU! Our goal is to be able to give athletes around the globe the opportunities to develop and grow on and off the playing field. We are a small team with big goals, read more about our brand below and how we are on a mission to help children and youth athletes realize their full potential! #BelieveInU

270 Decks Donated, 48 Hours of Live Free Sessions, 2 Charity Soccer Camps
UVU Training Mission

Engaging and inspiring children and youth through sport. Sport has given the team at UVU Training so much opportunity in life and it's our responsibility to do everything we can to give children and youth the same experiences.

Igniting the athlete within all of us-recognizing that everyone should have the choice to play, belong, and be involved in sport. Because we believe that all humans are athletes-It's our job to help you realize that.

UVU Training Vision
UVU Training Company Values

Our values are rooted in our brand as well as our team - Openness, Big-Hearted, Growth, Engaging, and Playful are all qualities that we hold of high importance here at UVU.

How It all Started

UVU Training was originally introduced back in 2018, but it wasn't the UVU Training that you've come to know. Once an individual and group soccer training company, UVU Training helped child and youth athletes develop their game through traditional coaching practices. Skylar was frequently asked, "what can my child do at home outside of training hours?", so he developed homework sheets for the kids but they weren't as engaging as Skylar would have hoped...

One day while Skylar was playing cards with his teammates, a lightbulb went off and he thought of a way to make homework more fun and engaging. The next day he hopped on Amazon and ordered a blank deck of playing cards and got to work. When the deck arrived he took out his sharpies and put his arts and crafts skills to the test, making custom cards for his athletes to try out. The cards were a hit and his players absolutely loved them. Fast forward a year down the road and KickDeck was officially launched!

Our decks were inspired by our athletes passion and drive to improve at the game they loved. Skylar saw the impact it had on the soccer community and wanted to be able to provide the same tools and support to other sport communities. After long talks and countless meetings strategizing and breaking down Skylar's vision, UVU Training was re-born. A place where coaches, and parents can trust to ensure their children and youth athletes get all the support they need.

About our founder

Meet our Founder and fearless leader, Skylar Thomas. Skylar fell in love with the game of soccer at a very young age, he played for Ajax Gunners and after a standout youth career with multiple Team Canada appearances he was able to earn a full scholarship to Syracuse University. With hard work, dedication and sacrifice throughout his college career, Skylar was selected 11th in the 2015 MLS draft to play for his hometown team Toronto FC.

"I feel fortunate and blessed to have all the opportunities that I have been given. Sport has allowed me to travel the world, earn an education, build a business, and give back to the next generation of players." Skylar knows that not all athletes are as fortunate as he is and wants to be able to provide athletes with as many tools as possible for them to succeed and reach their goals both in and out of the field of play.

"I simply want to provide opportunity and inspire athletes around the world. I want to be able to provide decks, equipment, training sessions, scholarships, and even facilities to athletes globally. UVU Training has big plans, and I can't wait to have you along for our journey."