Skylar Thomas - Aug 24 2021

My Journey & The Birth of UVU Training

Being introduced to sports at an early age (especially soccer) was a gift I am so grateful for. I can still remember finishing my first game at the age of 5 and feeling more inspired than ever before, you could never get me to stop playing. 22 years later and I'm still here - in love with the sport! 

Continuing to play at a high level is a privilege that I treat with honour, with 21 games to go in my 7th professional season I am grateful for the opportunity to keep playing! Understanding how impactful soccer has been for me, I take pride in inspiring the next generation to play. Everyone deserves access to the opportunities that sport provides. 

Soccer has taught me so much... 

...and the biggest lesson I have learned is to compete against yourself. As a young athlete, I realized that as long as I focused on becoming better everyday I would be capable of accomplishing my goal of becoming the best soccer player I could be. This is the mentality we aim to instill into everyone who interacts with UVU Training.

Skylar Thomas on draft night being selected by hometown team Toronto FC

I would be mistaken not to acknowledge the part my coaches, teammates, friend, and family all played to help me believe in myself and ability to achieve my goals to reach my desired destination. The journey to become your best self can be challenging, but I can promise it’s all worth it.

Operating in a new lane, as the Founder of UVU Training, the same principles I learned at a young age still apply. And now, I have faith that if I remain focused on bettering myself each day, my new goals will be achieved as well. 

Some of the goals I aim to accomplish are:

- Inspire and engage millions of athletes around the world
- Donate decks
- Provide scholarships
- Build community soccer fields
- Help children and youth to believe in themselves
- And much more...

I also aim to look back on my first blog post with a sense of accomplishment once I achieve these goals laid out for UVU Training. 

Here at UVU Training, we focus on supporting the athlete so they can become their very best! Our athletes choose our simple, fun, effective, and accessible training solutions to help them grow on and off the playing field. This is reflected in our training decks, live training, and content. It is our mission to provide athletes with the tools they need to win on and off the playing field. If I could help young athletes take their game to the next level now and forever, that will be a dream come true.

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