The Best Soccer Drills For 5-Year-Olds

The Best Soccer Drills For 5-Year-Olds

5-year-old soccer players may not play like professionals, but that doesn't mean they don't want to try. These drills help them get the most out of their soccer experience and become better players as they grow.

When training this young team, start with simple drills like one-touch passing before trying something more complex, like two-touch passing. Afterwards, you can work on coordination, agility, and speed, depending on how well the players respond to the easy drills.

Simple drills for 5-year-old soccer players include;

  • Three-Touch Game

The Three-touch game is a great way to teach kids how to dribble, pass, and shoot. It's a simple drill that you can teach any number of players since it's not limited by age or experience level.

Start by dividing your players into teams of three or four. You can use more than one ball if available.

Give each player a ball and set up cones where they will dribble. The cones prevent the ball from crossing into the other person's space without contacting the ground. The drill will help them learn not only how to dribble but also how to pass. 

Keep explaining and reminding the players what you want them to do. The idea is for each player on their team to touch the ball at least once before passing it back out to another teammate or keeping it themselves.

  • Shooting Drill

Shooting drills are a great way to help 5-year-olds learn how to shoot the ball. First, ensure that the balls are soft enough for the young players to handle without hurting themselves. You can check by squeezing them between your fingers. If they're too hard or too soft, try another ball brand.

Go over the drill rules with them and set up goals. For example, shooting into the basket or kicking the ball in a specific direction. Ensure they understand what they need to reach their goal before you let them start playing.

After they've understood all the instructions, give them some time alone on the court to practice their skills and prepare for their next game.

  • Diagonal Passing Drill

Diagonal passing drills are a great way to improve your 5-year-old player's ball control and accuracy. You'll need cones or other markers around. Get the cones in various sizes, giving the players more options for where to stand with the ball. Make sure there is at least one cone in each corner of the field each time you do this drill.

Encourage the players to perform this drill in pairs or where one child plays with one adult. Give the players some balls and let them run around while you set up your cones for a more coordinated practice.

  • Goalkeepers Drill

Goalkeeper drill is a great way to teach 5-year-olds the basics of goalkeeping while keeping them excited about the sport. Set up the goalposts on either side of the goal line, with the end panels facing each other.

After setting up the goalposts, position one goalkeeper before each goalpost. Instruct them to place their hands on their hips, bend at the waist, and lean forward in anticipation of the incoming ball. Line up the other players and instruct them to take turns kicking the ball into the basket.

Remind the goalkeeper to remain alert and monitor the player’s movement. You should also teach them to drop to the left or right side and block the ball with their body. Let each player take the goalkeeper's position and gauge their strengths or weaknesses to know who takes the role during an actual game.

  • Free Kicks

Free kicks are a great way to teach young players how to keep their heads up and focus on their targets. The more reps you can put your players through, the better they'll learn to execute their techniques in the game. 

Make the young players play soccer for 20 minutes a day. This approach helps build their confidence and develop their kicking style. You can also put the players in a tag team with an adult and let them practice hitting balls into goals. 

Free kicks give them something specific to work on as they hit the ball in different directions while also letting them have fun doing it. As you continue training them, allow those with experience to play with other kids who can't kick effectively yet, so everyone gets an equal chance at learning and scoring goals.

In conclusion, 5-year-old soccer players are curious and eager to learn the game. A suitable way to train them is by introducing a new drill and helping them practice it until they understand the basics before teaching them something else. 

Avoid the seemingly complex drills that are too hard for them since they may lose interest and confidence in the game. Free kicks, goalkeeper, shooting, passing, and three-touch game drills are great starting points for training 5-year-old soccer players.

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