The 7 Best Basketball Training Equipment to Consider When Training At Home

The 7 Best Basketball Training Equipment to Consider When Training At Home

Training at home may be an excellent consideration when maximizing your training time. It also comes in handy to strengthen your weak points and perfect your strong ones. Basketball training equipment comes at different sizes and prices, giving you various choices, from a small compact to a fully equipped one for more detailed training.

The following list consists of the seven best basketball training equipment for your at-home training.

     1. A Basketball

A basketball is an essential piece of equipment for your training. When buying a basketball, go for a high-quality one with unquestionable durability. Select a brand that can serve you for an extended period without wearing or tearing, regardless of the terrain or surface. In addition, the ball should be of a material that allows you to grip it firmly as you dribble. 

It should also meet the international standards for basketball to avoid feeling a massive change when playing on the court. Avoid a ball that gets slippery in moisture, limiting your gripping power when you sweat while playing.

     2. Agility Ladder

When seeking to improve your footwork and managing ball-handling skills at any position, the agility ladder should be must-have equipment for your training sessions. The number of runs and space between them determines the length you'll be enduring during practice. You can also adjust the ladder size for different exercises and skillsets.

An agility ladder helps you with the warm-up, muscle-building, and mastering your steps on the court. You can also improve your speed and movement while dribbling in different positions and angles. In addition, it increases body balance and coordination.

     3. Finger Spacer

Basketball dribbling techniques majorly focus on your fingers' grip on the ball. Finger spacers help you maintain a proper position between your fingers and the ball for dribbling and shooting. They are available in materials like plastic, rubber, and foam. You can choose the pieces with which you are most comfortable. 

Besides helping you make perfect shots, finger spacers give you control over the ball. They also prevent your palms from directly contacting the ball and limiting your dribbling capabilities. 

     4. Dribble Stick

The dribble stick helps you practice ball handling and dribbling. It is adjustable, giving you a chance to play under or over multiple levels and heights. You can use it to improve your ball positioning, speed, and skills.

     5. Ball Hog Gloves

As a basketball player, you need ball hog gloves during your training to toughen your ball control skills. When training with the gloves on your hands, you learn how to handle the ball under extreme hardships, making it easy to apply your skills when you take off the gloves. If you can master your basketball dribbling techniques while wearing hog gloves, imagine how much easier it would be while playing with your bare hands.

When aiming to boost your agility, strength, hand speed and arm muscles, consider equipping your at-home training court with anti-grip hog gloves. The most suitable brands are synthetic leather, a heavy-duty material preferably weighing up to 3lb. These gloves come in handy for stronger fingers, giving you an easy time to pass, rebound and handle the ball.

     6. Dribbling Goggles

If you are having trouble balancing between dribbling and looking up, dribbling goggles is what you need to help you with that. By restricting your eyes from glancing down at the ball, these goggles help you focus on dribbling as you concentrate on where to shoot. They effectively improve your ball-passing skills and strengthen your ability to cooperate with your teammates on the court.

     7. Jumping Rope

Simple as it sounds, a jumping rope is a piece of essential warm-up equipment that you should consider having for your at-home training. Rope skipping helps you improve your speed, footwork, and coordination. It also strengthens your muscles. This equipment also helps you manage your balance and stability as you jump and land.

As We Wrap Up

Gaining expertise in basketball requires dedication and constant training. Your coach may train you with some skills that you won't grasp immediately, but you can improve them gradually during your free time at home. Successful training requires you to have various pieces of basketball equipment that you can use to perfect multiple skills.

When shopping for at-home basketball training equipment, compare them with what you use during professional training with your teammates. Then, go for items whose materials don't limit your comfort yet are capable of helping you achieve the desired results. 

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