6 Best Offensive Basketball Drills For Every Player

6 Best Offensive Basketball Drills For Every Player

Offensive basketball drills combine motion and tactical moves to utilize available chances to score points against the defending team. These drills include passing and cutting, floor spacing, screening, and player movement. 

You should also understand to take advantage of open spaces in the playing area while tactically studying your opponents' strengths and weaknesses. Besides learning the basic offensive concepts, you'll require unique plays and patterns to outsmart the opponent's defense and offense, depending on your position on the court. 

Practice the following basketball drills for improved offensive plays;

  • Avoid Standing Still

The first skill you need to practice as an offensive player is remaining in motion even without a ball in your hands. Ensure you cut through the defense, set picks, and keep an eye on the current ball handler to calculate your chances. 

You should also keep switching your playing style to avoid getting marked by the opponents. The offense of the team you play against often watches out for the seemingly dominant player, but moving from one spot to the next will prevent them from guarding you too closely or with minimal effort.

  • Bounce the Ball Down Fast

As soon as you receive the ball, you should make a fast break by dribbling it until there's an opening to attempt a shot. Try your best not to lose the ball, limiting your scoring chances.

You can also make quick dribbles but with precision. Remember to pass the ball and cut after dribbling for a while because prolonging one tactic gives your opponents' defense time to regroup and strategize their tackles. 

Ending your dribbles by shooting into the basket or passing the ball to your teammates is advisable. However, you can continue dribbling until you get a chance to do one of these two things, making you a triple threat.

  • Utilize Offensive Rebounds

If you miss the chance to score within the first attempt, you can make up for it by utilizing the rebounds. Staying close to the basket helps you follow through with your shot and catch the ball as it bounces back. If your first shooting attempt is too hard or short, it will likely fall back in your direction, and you can make a timely catch.

You may have a better opening to attack rebounds based on your team's playing style. However, you must be keen on rebounds coming from the weak side so that you can be swift to snatch the ball and shoot again before the defense gets the chance.

  • Study the Court

Knowing your surroundings on the court gives you the advantage of calculating your next steps. You must always avoid turning your back toward the ball. Keeping your head up helps you study your chances of receiving the ball when your teammate makes a pass to you or when you pass it to the next player after spotting an opening.

You should also remain aware of broken plays, back-door cuts, and weak links in the defense. Avoid long passes that cut across the court when passing the ball. Create crisp bounces on your passes.

  • Practice the Triple-Threat Drill

As an offense player, your primary role, besides scoring, is evading the opponent's defense at all costs. The triple-threat drill gives you the flexibility to dribble, pass or shoot, getting the defenders under your control.

You can achieve this position by putting one foot forward and clutching the ball to your hip. After getting in position, you should keep the ball from the defender's reach as you analyze your situation for the best possible outcome. 

Receiving the ball with two hands increases your chance of assuming the triple-threat position because it gives you a sturdier grip. In addition, other tactics like faking shooting direction and spreading out your dominant hand's elbow to start dribbling can increase your success in this position.

  • Improve Your Shooting Skills

You can start by understanding your best shooting position, where you are comfortable and more flexible to score on the first try. Next, ensure your feet are firmly positioned on the floor as you grip the ball with your fingertips instead of palms. 

Practice shooting the basket instead of aiming or chucking it. Follow your instincts tactically and learn when you have the best shot before releasing the ball. Following through with your hands gives you a directional advantage. Shooting near the basket during practice increases your precision skills, and you can expand the distance as you progress.


The offensive position in basketball requires various skills like shooting, dribbling, passing, and precise motion. You can achieve the best drills through technical and tactical drills to give your team as many points as possible.

Learn to move around the court by utilizing the openings that the opponent leaves. You can also take the triple-threat position, which allows you to dribble, shoot or pass the ball, depending on the most suitable action. Studying the court gives you a tactical advantage as you learn the defense movements and spot an opening through which you can take your next step. 

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