Basketball Skills For Youth That Are Easy To Teach

Basketball Skills For Youth That Are Easy To Teach

Coaching a team of young basketball players requires learning techniques that are easy and quick to learn. Using this approach, you can prevent them from getting confused or losing interest in the sport. Before analyzing each individual's strengths and weaknesses, the best strategy is to enhance teamwork and train the players about the basics together.

The skills one excels at determine their position on the court, but you may only realize this once you reach a certain level of training. To turn youth basketball players into star athletes, here are some skills to teach them;

  • Dribbling

You'll use dribbling every time you play basketball, so it's an essential skill. However, learning how to do it well can be challenging, especially for new players. The purpose of dribbling is to get past defenders and open up for shots.

For improving the dribbling technique of your young team, here are three easy tips:

  1. When they begin dribbling, teach them always to crouch down. This will help them move faster and ensure they don't trip over any obstacles on the court.
  2. Make sure the players keep both hands on the ball. When you hold something with both hands, you are more likely to maintain your balance. It also keeps the player from falling over while dribbling or when other players and referees run after them if they make a foul or misses a shot.
  3. Make sure they don't bounce the ball off an opponent's hand. Instead, the player should bounce it off their leg, limiting the opponent's ability to grab the ball.
  • The Pick And Roll

When teaching this skill, you should use both your hands and feet. Always remind the player to move toward the basket when on offense. They will need to move in that direction to take advantage of opportunities for easy baskets.

Secondly, if the player has space, they should attack quickly. So they need to find ways to get into that space and open themselves up for an easy basket.

Third, teach the young players how to dribble quickly around defenders to avoid interception and blockage when getting into position for a shot.

  • Passing and Receiving

Basketball players at the youth level are more than capable of passing and receiving the ball. Although each action requires specific techniques, it's important to keep this in mind.

You can use these tips to teach your team how to pass and receive the ball;

Passing Tips

When passing the ball, keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. This technique lets you see where the receiver is going, making it easier for both of you.

When passing the ball, keep your elbow up. Doing this allows you to keep the ball high enough to avoid hitting anyone's face.

Receiving Skills

As the ball approaches you, practice catching it with both hands to gain more control. The ball may fall off if you catch it with one hand. Additionally, the ball may come at you with excessive force, causing you to miss your step and fall.

  • Executing Rebounds

When coaching your players on rebound execution, emphasize proper positioning. Knowing that the other team's defenders are always looking for opportunities to steal the ball from your players helps. 

Balls shot into the basket but failed to reach the ring, bounce back, and could land anywhere. During such a situation, offensive players should position themselves so that the defenders have no space to maneuver while allowing the ball to fall back into their hands.

To practice rebounding, position three players along the free-throw line; one in the right corner, one in the middle, and one in the left corner. These players will act as if they are on the opponent's side. Before shooting the ball, place the other three players opposite each defender, aiming for rebounds. Once the defensive and offensive players master the necessary skills, let them battle for the ball.

In conclusion, being patient and consistent when training young basketball players is essential since some may have never used certain skills. To prepare them for more complex skills, you can teach simple skills like dribbling, passing and receiving, pick and roll, and rebounding. To perfect each skill you introduce, encourage them to practice as much as possible.

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