8 Easy Soccer Drills You Can Do At Home

8 Easy Soccer Drills You Can Do At Home


If you want to take your soccer skills to the next level, consider consistent training at home. While you need to work in teams to improve your communication skills and teamwork, you should be ready to do extra work at home to improve fundamental skills and stand out among your peers. This article shares 8 easy soccer drills that you can do at home.


As a soccer player, you should have excellent ball control. Juggling can also enhance other techniques you might need in play. When juggling, you aim at keeping the ball in the air for the longest time possible.

It’s okay to begin by dropping the ball by hand or flicking it up into the air. From there, you can start juggling. This might seem like a lot of work, especially if you’re just getting started. But things will loosen up with time.

While juggling, make sure you take the correct posture for excellent ball control. Focus on taking short touches and keeping the rhythm flowing. Bending your knee and leaning slightly over the ball can help you control it.

Figure 8 Dribbling 

To do this soccer drill, you need a ball and two cones. Position the cones slightly wide apart to create a path forming a figure eight. You need to place them at least 4 yards apart for the best experience. In the figure-eight course, dribble the ball between the two cones in 60-second intervals each.

Keep your knees bent while doing this, and keep your body leaned in the right direction. Make quick turns with the ball as close to your feet as possible. You can spice things up a little by trying to use the inside of your feet while dribbling.

Wall Juggling 

This drill will help you improve your reflexes and juggling skills. Start by standing 1-3 yards from a wall. It’s essential to be sure you’re allowed to use this wall. Then, begin practicing juggling and throws to work on your reflexes and skills.

Your juggling skills and reflexes will improve as you keep practicing this drill. Thus, there’s no time cap on how long you need to practice wall juggling. To make things harder and rewarding, try to use your thighs while relying on the wall to bounce back and forth. It’s also okay to use other parts of your body, like the chest and other parts of your feet.

One-Touch Shooting 

One-touch shooting is a perfect drill that helps eliminate the bad habit of hesitation. Hesitation leads to missed or failed passes. A one-touch shoot will teach you to give accurate passes, which is essential in soccer. As one of the best soccer drills for home, make one-touch shooting a routine.

You’ll learn how to adjust your body, mind, and feet to make things work in games with practice. You can do this exercise alone using a barrier on which a ball can bounce, or you can ask a loved one to assist you.

Inside Touch Drill

You can easily practice this soccer drill at home as you only need a ball and a small space. This drill aims at improving your speed on the ball and footwork. It also enhances your stamina since you constantly use your calf muscles. In addition, coaches advise utilizing the inside of your foot to pass or kick the ball, and thus, mastering the inside touch technique improves your soccer skills.

Place the ball at the center of your feet, closer to one foot than the other. Kick the ball back and forth between your feet in a straight line as fast as you can. Try raising your head, facing forward, and passing the ball without looking.

With more practice, you will seamlessly coordinate the ball on your feet while focusing on the position and movement of your opponent while still on the ball, giving you a better chance to beat them in one-on-one situations.

Wall Trapping 

This drill is quite similar to the wall pass. However, in this case, your focus should be on your trapping skills and not your passing skills. To do it, you want to throw the ball to a wall or a barrier as you wait for the rebound. Then, you aim to catch the ball with your feet and legs once it has bounced off the wall.

It is an easy soccer drill to do at home since it doesn’t require special equipment. Keep doing this each day, and your trapping abilities will improve with time. If possible, stand at an angle and a bit far from the wall.

Target Practice 

Use a wall to improve your accuracy and become a better soccer player. Target practice is one of the most popular at-home soccer drills among professional soccer players, and you should also use it. This practice can improve your footwork and striking technique.

Set up a target that you’ll aim at with the ball. You can either put cones or visualize a spot on the wall that you would like to seek. Make things easier by marking an area on the wall. For the best results, try to stand further back from the wall. Use any part of your foot to practice the shot.


You don’t have to be a seasonal soccer player to notice that headers come often in matches. That’s why you ought to practice and improve your heading skills at home. Heading can help enhance your footwork and control as you follow the ball, trying to head it. For this exercise, you can choose to throw the ball at a wall or use your hand to throw it up in the air and start hitting it with your head.

Try to time and judge the ball as you leap in its direction. You should use your head to hit the ball in the direction you want it to go. For a perfect balance, maintain your arms on either side of your body. That’ll keep you from losing balance and falling. It's also a great way to protect yourself from the opposition.


You now have an excellent place to start your easy-at-home soccer drills. For example, if you frequently lose ball possession, you will significantly benefit from dribbling practice, while scoring can be honed with one-touch shooting drills.

Improve your skills and play at your best by regularly doing these at-home soccer drills. Do you have questions about easy soccer drills to do at home? Let us know by commenting below.

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